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Can I track the status of my returning product?

Once you've returned a product to KitchenAid, you may like to track its progress. You can see the return journey via UPS. Here are the details...

After you have told our customer service team that you are returning a product, you will receive an email from UPS with instructions on how to send your KitchenAid item back to us.

The UPS email contains a 48-hour link that generates a pre-filled, prepaid shipping label (so costs are being taken care of by KitchenAid). Once the label has been generated, please pack the product securely into its original box and stick the label to the box. You can contact UPS to arrange a pickup (by phone or through the UPS portal), or you can choose to deposit the packed product at one of the UPS centres indicated on the shipping label.

When your parcel has been handed over to UPS and scanned, a tracking link will be activated, through which you can track your parcel until it arrives back at KitchenAid.


KitchenAid will also send you an email that includes a proforma invoice, with all the details of the product(s) being returned. This document is required for customs purposes, so please print and attach it to the outer box, making sure it's clearly visible. Failure to do so may result in delays in your return being received or processed.

You can find full details of how it works here: How can I return a purchased product?

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