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Kitchen appliances made for makers

Since the beginning, KitchenAid has designed kitchen appliances with the maker in mind – all crafted to open a door to new possibilities and help you to get the most out of making.
Mixers unleash creativity in the kitchen
Creative imaginative foods with a stand mixer. As well as mixing, whisking, kneading and even shredding, it allows you to plug in exciting optional attachments. Make it yours with style options and start creating. The possibilities are endless.
Blenders for nutrition at home
Think beyond smoothies with a powerful blender. These small kitchen appliances can create all sorts of delicious dishes and treats, from hearty hot soups and spicy dips to nut butters and icy drinks. Pack more goodness into your busy routine.
Coffee machines make you feel at home
Whether you’re an espresso fan, cold brew lover or prefer a creamy latté, we have coffee machines for you. With good looks and stainless steel accents, they are smart as well as efficient. Yes, it’s time to turn your kitchen into your favourite coffee house.
Cordless collection
Release your inner maker with our cordless collection of appliances. The chopper, hand mixer and hand blender are all compact and neat on your countertop, with no messy wires and the flexibility to move around freely.
Breakfast means more than food
Revolutionise your morning routine with KitchenAid. Get set for the day's challenges with delicious fresh coffee, delicate herbal teas and bagels or crunchy toasties. With electric kitchen appliances this stylish, you’ll look forward to getting up.
Handy tools for small jobs
Pick up the pace with a handheld tool. Combining all the knowhow of our KitchenAid mixers with convenience and ergonomic design, they’re a pleasure to use. We’ve made them lightweight enough to use with one hand and they come with various accessories.
Food prep that's all taken care of
Gone are the days when prep was just about slicing onions and peeling carrots. Now, you can process and cook veggies, fruits, meats, herbs and other ingredients to any size and consistency. Bring your wild ideas to life with our latest tools.

The mark of quality

When you’re passionate about making, you want the best tools to support you. That’s why we craft our products and accessories form only the highest quality materials, and include clever touches, easy washing and the latest innovations.

Selecting appliances that can be shared by generations.

That’s the Mark of a Maker.

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