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Hand blender to inspire you

When you pick up a hand blender, the power is in your hands. You're ready to crush, blend, chop and froth all sorts of drinks and dishes. Our hand blenders (sometimes called 'immersion blenders') give you quiet, efficient operation and excellent control. Master new recipes and find shortcuts to old favourites. You'll be proud to display yours with its sleek looks, bold colour and little touches like the soft-grip handle.

Go cordless with your hand blender

Do you use your blender a lot? If you're always reaching for a hand held blender to purée veggies or whisk up a fluffy milkshake, you'll find it a whole lot easier without the wires.

The Artisan cordless hand blender has no wire for greater freedom. You can move around and come at the pot from any direction and angle you like.

peas soup

Frothing and whisking: light as air

There's something irresistible about a frothy coffee - whether it's cold or hot! You can easily make fun and foamy frappés and cappuccinos at home with the help of a hand held blender. You can also achieve fantastic lightness in your eggs or cream by whipping with your blender. Results in seconds!

What's the best hand blender?

Artisan cordless hand blender

Taking the concept of a hand blender to a new level, this cordless appliance gives you a range of attachments to crush, blend, chop and froth. It has 5 speeds, with an LED indicator to display the speed while in use.

Your mini food pro

The blending arm fits into its own BPA-free jar with blade, to become a mini food processor for things like chopping nuts, making pesto or salsa. There's a rechargeable 12V li-ion battery that delivers consistent power right up to the end of the charge.

Switch blending arms

Making a soup in a deep pan? No problem - you can switch between the stainless steel blending arms of 20cm and 33cm to reach into deeper pots. Pop on the removable pan guard so you won't damage or scratch precious cookware.

Hand blender for weaning

When it's time to help your little one start exploring tastes and textures, it’s important that what you serve is velvety soft. Of course, it should also be nutritious and natural, without any additives, flavours or preservatives. A hand blender is your secret weapon.

baby food

Get tough with a pro hand blender

If you're in a professional kitchen, you'll need a heroic hand blender to give you constant power, safety and durability. Our Professional hand blender looks like a serious power tool - and it's as strong as it looks. With 1 HP motor at your fingertips, you can handle anything. Switch seamlessly between a top speed of 18,000 RPM for purées, whipping and emulsifying and 9,000 RPM low speed to blend and stir. When you're really under pressure, there's a hands-free bowl clamp so the hand blender will continue while you multitask. The power cord is a high-visibility orange for safety reasons and you can keep it neat with a cord wrap.

Select your speed … and go!

With a choice of speeds, hand blenders become more precise. You’re in control if you can start slowly, stir a sauce, shred meat or quickly whisk cream. The classic hand blender is quiet and powerful with 2 speed options.

Go for even more versatility with the 5 speed hand blender and free your creativity with the Artisan cordless hand blender which has 5 speeds and a whole array of accessories and extras in the storage case.

Hand blender for soup

A simple way to pack your diet with goodness, hearty soups should always be on the menu. Boil up your favourite beans, meats and veggies like broccoli, sweet potato, carrots, onions, celery and chicken ... add seasoning, garlic, herbs, spices, ginger ... perhaps a dash of cream? Create your own soup recipe that matches your taste.

With a helpful tool like the 5 speed hand blender or the classic hand blender, you can reach in and whizz those ingredients until they're smooth. Give it a whirl.

Looking for some foodie inspiration?

Nachos + sauce
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