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Why is my white coated beater chipping?

Some of our beaters (paddles or dough hooks) come with a white anti-stick nylon coating. If your coating is chipping, take a look at our advice....

Coated beater and dough hook accessories provided with KitchenAid stand mixers are designed to be conveniently non-stick. They are made of a cast aluminum base material, coated with a food-grade polyester-based powder coating. Here's some advice about using them:

Is the side of beater chipping?

Hitting the beater on the side of the bowl to release ingredients can weaken the coating on the beater, causing it eventually to chip. It's essential to use a spatula to remove ingredients from the beater.

Is the bottom of flat beater chipping?

If the bottom of your beater is chipping, it may be positioned too low and hitting the bottom of the bowl — which means you may need to adjust your mixer. Your KitchenAid mixer is adjusted for optimum mixing at the factory, but through time and use, it can change, and it should be readjusted. You can easily do this yourself by checking the guidance in the related articles provided.

Is the top of beater chipping?

It's important to take care when attaching and removing the beater on the beater shaft. Using excessive force can cause chipping in that area. Make sure that you locate and align the "keyhole" on the bottom of the beater with the notch on the beater shaft when attaching before twisting it into place.

Can you put the coated beaters in the dishwasher?

Yes, the white coated paddle (flat beater) and dough hook are dishwasher safe.

My beater has already chipped

If the coating on your accessory has already chipped, contact our Customer Service team to get a new accessory: Email us here OR Call us here - this is a freephone number and service will be provided to you in local language - open Monday to Friday from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm.

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