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How do you adjust the bowl clearance (tilt-head mixer)?

If the mixer paddle strikes the bowl or doesn't reach the ingredients, then the bowl clearance needs to be adjusted. You can do this easily. See how...

Your mixer is adjusted at the factory to be the perfect height for optimum mixing. However, through time, shipping and use, it can change and need adjustment. If this is the case, you can easily correct it.

Signs that the bowl clearance needs to be adjusted:

  • If the beater is too high, it cannot reach and incorporate the ingredients.

  • If the beater is too low, it can hit the bottom of the bowl and the white coating can chip off the bottom of your beater.

Here are the steps for how to adjust the bowl clearance:

  1. Turn the mixer to “0” (off) and unplug. how do you adjust the beater to bowl clearance (bowl-lift) step 1
  2. Lift the head of the mixer (by tilting back) and you will see a screw situated in the hinge. Turn the screw slightly counterclockwise (left) to raise the beater or clockwise (right) to lower the beater. Make adjustment with flat beater, so it just clears surface of bowl. If you overadjust the screw, the bowl lock lever may not lock into place.
    how do you adjust the beater to bowl clearance (bowl-lift) step 2
    NB: Just a slight turn is all that is required: the screw will not rotate more than 1/4 turn (90 degrees) in either direction. (The full range of adjustment is 1/2 turn, or 180 degrees.)

NOTE: When properly adjusted, the paddle (flat beater) will not strike on the bottom or the side of the bowl. If the paddle or wire whisk is so close that it strikes, the beater or whisk may wear.


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