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The essential trio of accessories for pasta making

Making pasta is a longtime traditional matter. Dare to take a step into this amazing tradition with this trio of accessories, that will allow you to make soft and thin layers of dough, to be cut into your favourite pasta shapes.

Pasta sheet roller

Obtain dough up to 140 mm in width and select the most suitable thickness: thick for tagliolini, medium for lasagne, and thin for linguine.

Spaghetti cutter

The ace up your sleeve to make the perfect spaghetti. Surprise your guest with the ultimate, flawless spaghetti dish!

Fettuccine cutter

If you are among those who enjoy this kind of fresh pasta, you are also going to enjoy making it. For traditional and delicious results.


With the pasta roller and fettuccine cutter attachments.


With the pasta roller and spaghetti cutter and food grinder attachments.

Get inspired with our recipes

Unleash your imagination in the kitchen! Discover new and inspiring recipes and surprise your guests with unexpected creations


Once you step into pasta making at home, it can easily turn into an obsession. Satisfying for all the senses, homemade pasta feels great in your hands and tastes fresh and flavourful. This 3-piece set includes a pasta roller and 2 pasta cutters. Made of stainless steel, the attachments screw securely into the attachment hub of any KitchenAid stand mixer. First, roll out sheets of any thickness you like using the 8 thickness settings. You’ll want to make it thick for tagliolini, medium for lasagne or thin for linguine or ‘angel hair’ pasta. Read more... Then, it’s time to have fun with pasta cutting. Feed in your pasta sheets to the spaghetti or the fettuccine pasta cutter accessories. You’ll receive a guide with the product to explain the various settings and results you can achieve. These commercial-style tools come with a cleaning brush to remove bits of dough and pasta. Do not wash in the dishwasher or immerse in water. Every year (or after 50 uses) you can maintain them by adding a drop of light mineral oil to each corner as lubrication. Close

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