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I have a problem with the spiralizer attachment, can you help?

If the spiralizer isn't working when it's attached to your KitchenAid mixer, there are a few things to check. Get your spiralizer going here...

If you're having problems with your spiralizer attachment (5KSM1APC) for mixers, there's usually a simple reason that's easy to fix. Take a look at our tips:

Here's a list of things to check if your spiralizer attachment isn't running:

  1. Make sure you follow the preparation suggestions in the spiralizer attachment blade chart.
  2. Make sure you choose a blade recommended for the type of food you are spiralizing.
  3. Check to see whether the mixer is plugged into a grounded 3 prong outlet. If it is, check the fuse or circuit breaker on the electrical circuit the mixer is connected to and make sure the circuit is closed.

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