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Can I pay in installments and how?

When you buy a product on the KitchenAid website, you sometimes have the option to pay in installments (NOT IN THE UK). See how it works...

Enjoy a product now and pay later

  • You are able to pay in 3 installments with interest-free credit in France and Belgium with Alma, and in Italy with Klarna.
  • You can also pay in installments in Germany, Sweden, Finland and Denmark, but please note that you WILL pay interest in these countries.
  • We cannot offer payment in installments in the United Kingdom.

How to do it?

Just select the payment method at the checkout. You will be redirected to the partner’s secured landing page where you can enter your card details (and personal details, depending on the country and provider).

For more information, please look at the general terms and conditions of Alma and Klarna. If you have any questions about your installment payment or your payment plan, then you can contact the payment provider directly. Note: you will have to agree to Alma's and Klarna's terms of use and their processes when choosing the installment payment method.

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