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How do you clean the meat grinder (plastic)?

Discover how to clean and care for the meat grinder (5KSMFGA) for your KitchenAid mixer. See the steps...

After you've minced, ground and grated meat, veggies, fish or other ingredients, you'll need to clean your meat grinder attachment (5KSMFGA). Made of durable plastic, here's how to keep your meat grinder in great condition and ready for next time.

Here are the steps for cleaning the meat grinder:

  1. Disassemble the meat grinder to separate the parts.
  2. You can wash the following plastic parts in the dishwasher (top rack only):
  • Collar

  • Removable tray

  • Food pusher

how do you clean the meat grinder plastic step 2

  1. Hand wash the following parts using warm, soapy water and drying thoroughly:
  • Main housing

  • Grind screw

  • Grinding plates

  • Blade.

how do you clean the meat grinder (plastic) step 3

How to clean the extension packs, if you also have those:

Sausage stuffer extension pack (5KSMSSA): All parts included on the sausage stuffer are dishwasher safe.

Food strainer extension pack (5KSMFVSP): Dishwasher-safe parts (top rack only) - strainer cone, strainer shield, food pusher, collar, removable tray, and splash lid. Handwash-only parts (using warm, soapy water and drying thoroughly) - main housing, long grind screw, and shaft assembly.

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