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How do I attach the splatter guard to the mixer?

Here's how to attach your splatter guard to your mixer, and how to use it for adding ingredients evenly and mixing without making a mess.

A splatter guard (also called a pouring shield) prevents flour and wet ingredients from splashing out while mixing. Many mixer models come with a splatter guard, but they are also available to buy separately from our mixer parts range.

NOTE: splatter guards are not available for glass bowls, ceramic bowls or textured (hammered or quilted) stainless steel bowls. For help with choosing which splatter guard will fit our mixing bowl, see our handy guide.

How to attach the splatter guard to your mixer and bowl

  1. Make sure the speed control lever is set to the OFF/0 position.
  2. Unplug the mixer.
  3. Attach the desired accessory and raise the mixing bowl.
  4. Slide the splatter guard collar around beater shaft, centering collar over the rim of the bowl. NOTE: For tilt-head models, the open end of the splatter guard should be placed near the body of the mixer.

How to use the splatter guard

  • Make sure the guides on the bottom of the chute rest on the rim of the bowl to keep ingredients from falling outside the bowl as they are added.
  • Pour ingredients into the mixing bowl through the chute portion of the splatter guard.

How to remove the splatter guard

  1. Make sure the speed control lever is set to the OFF/0 position.
  2. Unplug the stand mixer.
  3. Remove pouring chute from the collar.
  4. Slide splatter guard collar off the bowl.
  5. Lower the bowl support by turning the bowl-lift lever clockwise (if bowl lift).
  6. Remove accessory and the mixing bowl.

If you would like more information for your appliance, please visit our [User manuals page}(https://www.kitchenaid.co.uk/customer-care/user-manuals).

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