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How do you assemble the ravioli maker?

Discover how to put the ravioli maker attachment on the KitchenAid mixer. This pasta machine is powered through the attachment hub. See the steps...

Get ready to create wonderful ravioli from your fresh pasta with the ravioli maker (5KRAV). The unit comes pre-assembled in the box so you just need to attach it to your mixer.

Here are the steps for how to attach the ravioli maker:

  1. Turn the mixer off (speed '0') and unplug. how do you assemble the ravioli maker step 1
  2. Take off the attachment hub cover: for mixers with a hinged cover, flip up to open; for mixers with a removable attachment hub cover, turn the knob counter clockwise to remove. how do you assemble the ravioli maker step 2
  3. Insert attachment shaft housing into attachment hub, making certain that the power shaft fits into square hub socket. Rotate the attachment back and forth if necessary. The pin on the attachment housing will fit into the notch of the hub rim when in the proper position. how do you assemble the ravioli maker step 3
  4. Tighten the attachment knob until attachment is completely secured to mixer. how do you assemble the ravioli maker step 4

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