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How do I adjust the neckpin on my tilt-head mixer?

If the neckpin on your mixer is loose, or falls out completely, here's what to do...

There is a silver pin that holds the mixer head onto the base of your tilt-head mixer. Occasionally, this can become loose and must be tightened, or the mixer head will bounce or wobble. This pin can be pushed back into place, and the screw can be tightened to correct the problem.

How to adjust the neckpin on your mixer

This silver pin goes entirely through the neck of all tilt-head mixers. The rounded ends of the pin are visible on both sides of the neck. Watch our video How to adjust the neckpin on a KitchenAid stand mixer.

What to do if the neckpin comes out completely

If the neck pin comes out completely, it may be necessary to have two people to help in reinserting it, since you need to hold the two parts together and insert the pin, which is not entirely straight, into the opening.

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