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Spring is in the air and this beautiful season can easily awaken one’s desire to host an outdoor soiree. Maybe an aperitif, a dinner or a brunch, but instead of a typical party, why not throw one with an original twist? In case you missed this bit of news, gourmet pizza has taken Europe by storm. It’s simple, healthy and light as well as innovative, accessible and, above all, homemade! If the long and tedious dough preparation process has hindered you from attempting your own homemade pizza, don’t worry: your 6.9L Stand Mixer will quickly and effortlessly whip you up a mound of soft, smooth, dry dough. Its 6.9 LITRE bowl and enhanced motor allow you to make a large quantity at one time, so feel free to invite as many friends as you wish!


  • 800 g wheat flour
  • 200 g durum wheat semolina
  • 1 tbsp sea salt
  • 140 g yeast
  • pinch of sugar cane
  • 650 ml water

Start by putting 800g of wheat flour into the bowl then add 200g of durum wheat semolina dough for a more authentic flavour and texture, 1 tablespoon of sea salt, 14g of yeast and a pinch of sugar cane, then set aside 130 to 260g of flour. Insert the PowerKnead™ spiral hook, raise the bowl and select speed 2. Knead for about 15 seconds until the ingredients are blended, then, with the Pouring Shield, gradually add 650ml of water and the remaining flour to the mixture. Stir for about 4 minutes until the dough no longer sticks to the sides of the bowl, and feels smooth and elastic-like. Lower the bowl then remove the dough. If you’re expecting 12-16 guests, repeat the process. If not, place the bowl safely in the dishwasher so that you can proudly present your sous chef that evening!

Sprinkle flour on the outside of the dough, cover the mound with plastic wrap and let rest for about 8 hours under a cloth at room temperature, which will enable the dough to spread thinly and easily. Divide the dough into as many balls as individual pizzas you wish to prepare and let them rest for another 3-4 hours. About 15-30 minutes before cooking, create the bases for the individual pies. Take a ball of dough, sprinkle with a little flour and roll it out into a circle that’s half a CENTIMETRE thick and approximately 10 CENTIMETRES in diameter, so that the last bite will also be hot. When you have prepared all the bases, heat the oven to 250°C and add whichever toppings you desire to the pizzas. Cook for 7-10 minutes on the oven’s lower shelves until the crusts are golden and crispy.

Propose some unusual topping combinations such as sweet bacon with thyme, cheese and arugula with lemon, bacon, mozzarella, red pepper and tomatoes, mozzarella, pumpkin, celeriac, chard, onions, puntarelle and taleggio cheese, escarole, olives, anchovies and capers, mozzarella, filet of tuna and Tropea onion, chickpeas, red tuna and pesto.


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