Why you should make your own baby food

You want your child to grow up happy and healthy, and food is an important part of that. But preparing homemade baby food sounds expensive and time consuming. Luckily, we have three tips to help you change your mind!

Save time with fruit

The good thing about fruit is: it doesn’t need to be cooked. Just peel the ingredients, remove pits or stones, and they’re ready to go! Throw them in a powerful blender and after just a few pulses you can serve your little one a delicious meal. Easy peasy!

Waste less with warm veggies

You took the time to prepare your baby a tasty meal, but some days they just don’t feel like eating. Next, you’re throwing away perfectly good leftovers. Wasteful? Absolutely! Because whether you cooked potatoes, steamed carrots, or roasted pumpkin, your fresh baby food lasts up to 3 days in the fridge if you put it in a container and seal it well. That’s how you turn today’s leftovers into tomorrow’s lunch!

Make meat last

It’s hard to get your hands on a tiny portion of meat in the supermarket where everything comes in adult sizes. So why not make a big portion of meat with brown rice, serve a child-sized portion and store the rest in the freezer? You can keep it there for about 3 months. It’s not just good sense, it’s also handy! Next time you’re short on time, budget or inspiration to cook up something fresh, simply open the door of the freezer and your troubles will be instantly gone.


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