Long slot toaster gives room for creativity

Breads come in all shapes and sizes - from sliced loaves to chunky and long artisan breads, French boules, bagels, panini, raisin buns and more. That's why a long slot toaster from KitchenAid has generous slots to accommodate them all.

Your toast will be ready on time, with defrost, reheat and keep-warm options. A high-lift elevates little pieces and if you love toasties, go for a sandwich rack. It's munch time.

What’s the best long slot toaster?

Our Design Collection takes toasting up a level, with toasters to give you more. Available in different colours like Almond Cream, Empire Red or Onyx Black, they’re a real style statement. They have delicious curves and clever features like 'a little longer' to go one shade darker, crumb tray, and keep-warm function for up to 3 minutes. The bagel function helps you toast bagels to perfection. Pop in any shape of bread into the roomy slots.

Cream toaster long slot 2 slice with breakfast

Keep it traditional with a manual toaster

Push down your toast with the lever in the traditional way on this toaster, as there's no automatic lowering. You can take a peek by lifting up the slices with the high lift lever, without interrupting the toasting cycle. Available in a choice of gorgeous colours, it has a curved and minimalist look. The extra wide slots can accommodate chunky breads and pastries, and there's bagel function too, plus of course, a handy tray to catch the crumbs. All in all, a great excuse to get out the butter and jam.

Red toaster long slot 4 slice

Your 2-in-1 toaster

The Design collection toaster is also available with just one roomy slot. Coming with all the advantages of its bigger partner, this compact toaster fits a couple of regular slices neatly next to one another, or alternatively, one slice of panini, artisan bread or large pitta.

Red design collection toaster with one slot

How to choose: options at a glance

Fancy a toaster that does more? We have a range of gorgeous toasters with extra long and wide slots. Compare them below:

£ 149.00 £ 129.00
Body material Plastic Plastic
Number of slots 2 1
Control type Manual Manual
Slot length 26 cm 26 cm
Slot width 3.8 mm 3.8 mm
High lift Yes Yes
Shade settings 5 5
Defrost function Yes Yes
Bagel function Yes Yes
Keep-warm function No No
Reheat function Yes Yes
A little longer function Yes Yes

No more burnt bagels

Bagels are denser than most of the bread you might put in a toaster, and it can be difficult to get them right.

The handy bagel function on our toasters, gives you perfect results. It reduces the power on one side by 50%, so you gently brown the outside, while toasting the sliced side. Look forward to a deliciously-toasted bagel or bun every time.

Bagels in black long slot toaster

Gluten-free alternatives for your toaster

You don't need to miss out if you are following a gluten-free diet. There are plenty of gluten-free options you can buy in the shops, or make yourself at home.

Or, why no swap bread completely for rice flour waffles or gluten-free American pancakes?

Silver long slot toaster with gluten-free bagels

Why not try toastadillas?

Did you know you can make quesadillas (or 'toastadillas') in your toaster? Simply add your filling, fold carefully (to avoid leaking) and line them along your toaster slots, open end facing up. Toast and enjoy.

Many of our toasters have generous slots which are long enough and wide enough to make extra toastadillas to feed all the family at once!

KitchenAid red long slot 4 slice toaster

Don't forget the sweet treats

Toasters aren't just about breakfast and bread. There are lots of sweet options you can pop in your toaster any time of day, from waffles to crumpets.

And, with the extra long slots, you'll also be able to warm your home bakes, such as banana bread, fruit cake or tea cakes. They'll taste great and fill your home with delicious, sweet and spicy aromas.

Banana bread

Want just 2 slices?

We have 2 slice toasters to suit both your toast and your kitchen style needs. There are toasters with 2 slots, or toasters which can accommodate 2 slices in a single long slot. With all sorts of handy features, functions, sizes and colours, you're guaranteed to find the perfect toaster to brighten up your mornings.

KitchenAid red 2 slice toaster

What will you make with your long slot toaster?

There are hundreds of different recipes ideas to brighten up breakfasts, delight your dinner guests and keep hungry kids happy. From sweet or savoury toast toppings, to homemade breads. Here are a few ideas to try...

Handy sandwich rack and bun warmer

Do you crave a comforting toastie for lunch or an evening snack? The optional KitchenAid sandwich rack is compatible with all our toasters. Made of stainless steel, it grips the sandwich to avoid spills. Enjoy a cafe-style toasted sandwich whenever the mood takes you and in the comfort of your own kitchen. Our bun warm accessory is another option for your toaster, gently heating buns and rolls on top.

Sandwich rack with slice of bread

What about toasted sourdough?

Sourdough tastes great when it's toasted. It’s one of the oldest types of bread and relies on wild yeast and lactic acid bacteria that is naturally present in flour to leaven - taking longer to ferment. With a 'tangy' flavour, sourdough is popular for being easy to digest, nutritious and lower in sugar. Treat yourself to a big slice. Wonderful.

Black toaster long slot 4 slice with bread

Reheat forgotten toast

Oops! We’ve all done it. It’s easy to get distracted. With our toasters, you can quickly reheat your toast in under a minute. Or, you can defrost slices of bread straight from the freezer at the touch of a button.

Grey toaster and slices of bread

Enjoy a beautiful breakfast

Start the day in style. Why not complement your toaster with a kettle that can do more?

Black kettle with tea and pancakes
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