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2-slice Long Slot Toaster 5KMT3115, 1.5 L Design Kettle 5KEK1565

£ 230.00 £ 184.00
Including VAT

2 colours available, Onyx Black

1 colours not available

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This pack includes
2-slice Long Slot Toaster 5KMT3115
1.5 L Design Kettle 5KEK1565
Enjoy a slice of contemporary design
Extra long, extra wide slots
Do you like homemade and artisan bread? Now you have the flexibility to toast many different types of bread without having to adapt the size of the slices
Better bagels
Bagels get hot quickly! Bagel function reduces the power on one side by 50%, so you gently brown the bottom while toasting the sliced side
Reheat forgotten toast
Oops! We’ve all done it. It’s easy to get distracted. Quickly reheat toast in under a minute. Or, defrost from frozen at the touch of a button
Handy high-lift
Lift those small pieces of bread, crumpets or buns so you can reach them easily
Home kettle design just got cooler
Not too hot to handle
Dual-wall insulation keeps heat inside, while the exterior is cool enough to move to the breakfast table
Stainless steel interior
100% stainless steel, meaning no plastic comes in contact with the water, and this way it maintains the quality of the water
Speedy boiling
Can’t wait for your cup of tea? With 3000w, it boils quickly with a generous capacity up to 1.5L
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