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The centre of the home, the kitchen is no longer a place to prepare food but a multifunctional space in which to get together and, why not, where to show all your style.

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the house, especially in Italian homes. In fact it is here that the guests are entertained, it is here that family lunches are prepare and where the children do their homework. Even today the kitchen is the true heart of the home. Therefore, from the point of view of style and design it is vital to have practical and elegant interiors that stand the test of time in this multifunction space but also that tell something about the personality of the owner.

What kind of design is most suitable for one kitchen environment rather than another? There are these who love minimalist style, there are those who love country and those who prefer industrial style instead. The latter, maybe together with Time, is one of the rarities of contemporary society and it is for this reason that it is so precious for lovers of design who are constantly looking for unique pieces and bespoke options. 

In fact, the most refined buyers are not happy until they find something that is truly special and made to measure and today they are helped above all by the many digital platforms designed for finding limited editions or by the great brands that offer bespoke service.

If it is true that the kitchen is one of the rooms in the home in which the greatest desire to experiment was developed, it is also true that you do not live only on high tech. Or rather, the efficient solutions that characterize wall units, pantries or drawers cannot live alone but need to be next to personal and customizable elements that are enhanced by extreme attention to detail and helped by the designer’s desire to optimize one of the most loved rooms in the home. 

The choice of bespoke design is becoming more and more established for the very reason that it gives value to your home. And not only. The work surface is also becoming bespoke and this is on this basis that KitchenAid decided to satisfy its more demanding clients and to present a made-to-measure surface in stainless steel created with the spirit of a craftsman and with technological character. It is customizable in every aspect, in the space and in the appliances that enhance it. This work surface is the first touch of uniqueness to insert into the modern kitchen. 

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