It’s all about guts!

It is said that the intestine is our second brain and food trends are directed to its health today more than ever. How? Eating colourfully!

Trends, as you know, tend to come and go. Whether it's fashion or design, when it comes to style you often don't have time to get used to the latest news that you already have to be ready to change. In terms of both health and food, it is similar, but some of the most recent trends have been strong enough to establish themselves and even grow. One above all: gut health, closely linked to your skin condition, mood and the effectiveness of your immune system. Paying attention to and caring for your stomach has in fact become much more important than it ever has been and is a social trend embraced by a growing number of people around the world. Choosing only – or as much as possible – the foods that help the gut to work at its best is becoming the new mantra and the best lifestyle to engage in everyday, because it is true that we are what we eat and that therefore we can be of help or threat to the health of our intestine.

Let's try to explain better: it is now known that what we eat determines the intestinal flora (i.e. the microbiota) that thrives in our intestines. The novelty lies in some scientific research that has recently shown how good bacteria become stronger when fed with colourful foods and vegetables, that is those that we call Gut Friendly Food and that here in Italy are simply called "food for the intestine".

Here's three so you don't get caught unprepared.

Kimchi: a spicy and tasty Korean alternative to our own sauerkraut. It is fermented cabbage, prepared with different spices and ingredients including salt, chilli powder, onion, garlic and ginger. Traditionally it is made with a fish base, but it is easy to find a vegetable version in shops or make one at home. Rich in probiotics, it is an excellent fuel for gut health.

Miso: a Japanese fermented soybean-based condiment, ideal for the large intestine, which loves probiotics. In addition to all the health benefits, it also has a fantastic flavour that makes it a winning combination to prepare sauces and salty condiments or to add a touch to soups and broths, strictly at the end of cooking to preserve the probiotics.

Pickles: vegetables, only when sour. Nothing could be easier. Whether cucumbers or other vegetables, pickles can be rich in antioxidants and perfect intestinal allies. To ensure that the nutrients remain intact, it is best to choose the fresh varieties sold in the refrigeration units.

For those who decide to embrace this type of diet and lifestyle, the desire to cook at home and experiment with these raw materials always increases. In that case, choose different types of food preparation to preserve all the properties of food, look for new goals with which to challenge your creativity, and invite many friends to dinner. The Twelix KitchenAid Oven is a safe ally, as it combines different cooking methods, standard convection and combined steaming. Not to mention the KitchenAid Chef Touch System, which combines three high-end devices: a vacuum machine, a steam oven and a blast chiller for ultra-fast cooling and freezing.

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