Choose your protein wisely

You want to tone up and build muscles, so you need protein. Getting powder from the chemist’s or stocking up on deli meat is one way to go. But what if you could get your protein in a healthier and more natural way?

If you’re looking for inspiration to eat a healthy, balanced meal every day - we’ve got you covered. If shakes are an important part of your meal plan, we certainly know the kind of appliances that can make you happy. But sometimes you just want to make yourself a gourmet home-cooked meal without botching up your regime. So here are three ways to get your protein that feel like today is a cheat day (when it really isn’t).

Fish and poultry protein

Meat is known for its protein, but unfortunately that’s not the only nutrient you get when you eat it. So instead of a steak brimming with saturated fats, why not get your dose of protein from a delicious bowl of soup? If you make the soup with fresh stock from chicken or fish and you add ingredients like broccoli or Brussels sprouts, you’ll surely get the dose you need.

Bean protein

Beans make you feel full for hours, plus they contain more protein than any other vegetable. Need another reason to start experimenting with beans? Try this homemade chipotle black bean dip! (Now it really feels like a cheat day!)

Protein from nuts and whole grains

Did you know that one ounce of almonds gives you 6 grams of protein, nearly as much protein as an ounce of broiled ribeye steak? Nuts are also easy to add to an existing recipe, so you can get your extra protein without much extra effort. Besides, sprinkling your colourful salad or creamy soup with a handful of pumpkin seeds or crushed cashew nuts? Hello foodstagram! (#homemade)

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