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Ravioli what a delight!

Making ravioli it's not the easiest thing in the kitchen, but the satisfaction is great when you can taste a steamy and delicious plate of home made ravioli. Worry no more: with this attachement you can dare to make that special ravioli recipe you long for! Choose the ingredients and prepare the filling...the attachment will do the rest, filling all the pasta evenly and precisely.

Ravioli Maker

Connect the attachment and let it fill the pasta. For neat results in little time. Use it in combination with the pastaroller for even more professional results.

Get inspired with our recipes

Unleash your imagination in the kitchen! Discover new and inspiring recipes and surprise your guests with unexpected creations


Complements the pasta sheet roller and cutter of the 5KPRA set. Produces 3 wide rows of ravioli. The sculpted rollers create the large pockets and crimp and seal the ravioli. For stuffing your favourite pasta with your favourite filling. Whether it’s meat, cheese, or spinach, the hopper guides the filling between the pasta sheet, and the specially designed rollers pinch and seal the filling into large pockets for exceptional ravioli. Made of durable chromed metal.

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