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Cookbook for Mixers 6.9L CBSHOP6,9SMUK

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Cookbook for Mixers 6.9L CBSHOP6,9SMUK
£ 49.00
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CBSHOP6,9SMUK - 859704001900
£ 49.00
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Cookbook for Mixers 6.9L CBSHOP6,9SMUK

Tiramisù for 14 servings, 30 glasses of sabayon, 32 cannelloni, 35 mini pizzas, 80 little chocolate cakes, 40 bread rolls, 120 meringues, and much much more ... With the KitchenAid Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer and the 6.9L Bowl, you can prepare large quantities of food with no effort at all. Starting with the classics, the Dutch three Michelin-starred chef, Sergio Herman, has created 25 original and delicious recipes exclusively for KitchenAid which we hope both passionate foodies and professional chefs will enjoy preparing for large parties. In English.

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