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£ 50.00
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5KPDR - 859704001170

Pasta dryer spirals out to give over 3 metres of drying space for homemade pasta strands.

£ 50.00
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Pasta drying rack

This attachment handily frees up counter space while helping to promote fast, even drying

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After unfolding the base legs, spread the arms in a staggered spiral that can extend to over 3 metres (16 arms measuring 20.32 cm each) of total drying rack space. Use the wand, conveniently stored in the centre post, to catch the tagliatelle or spaghetti as the strings emerge from the cutters of your pasta maker. Then place the fresh pasta on the rack for drying. The rack handily frees up counter space while helping to promote fast, even drying.

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