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25 recipes

Quick and easy

  • Quiche with rocket, sun-dried tomatoes and prosciutto

    A tasty tart filled with rocket, sun-dried tomatoes and prosciutto

    • 50' Prep work
    • 45' Cooking
  • Aubergine Parmigiana

    Italian vegetarian bake with tomato and cheese, the aubergine parmigiana is a great weekday dish.

    • 10' Prep work
    • 45' Cooking
  • Bagels

    Deliciously chewy bagels made in your own kitchen, does it get any better than this?

    • 110' Prep work
    • 20' Cooking
  • Guacamole dip

    A tasty Mexican dip, guacamole is a success at any party.

    • 15' Prep work
  • Almond flour pizza crust

    Low carb almond crust pizza you can enjoy at home.

    • 5' Prep work
    • 10' Cooking
  • Spinach-pistachio pesto

    Dress up any salad or pasta dish with this spinach-pistachio pesto.

    • 8' Prep work


  • Strawberry iced tea

    Nothing better to cool off on a hot day than this strawberry iced tea.

    • 30' Prep work
  • Tzatziki

    Tzatziki makes a great party dip served with crackers, salads or grilled meat.

    • 10' Prep work
  • Watercress sauce

    Delicious watercress sauce with a summery flavour to be served over fish.

    • 5' Prep work
    • 5' Cooking
  • Feta dip

    This feta dip makes for a simple crowd pleasing appetizer!

    • 5' Prep work
  • Aioli

    Spain´s best known sauce around the world, aioli is perfect served with calamaris, patatas bravas or...

    • 10' Prep work
  • Savory zucchini cake

    This savory zucchini cake will become your favorite brunch recipe.

    • 15' Prep work
    • 45' Cooking
  • Sweet potato curly fries

    You will not be able to get enough of those crispy, delicious curly sweet potato fries.

    • 10' Prep work
    • 20' Cooking
  • Vegetable gratin

    This vegetable gratin is a easy, healthy, creamy dish you will love.

    • 10' Prep work
    • 80' Cooking
  • Chai latte

    Skip your next visit to the coffeeshop and make this chai latte at home alone.

    • 5' Prep work
    • 5' Cooking
  • Ginger lemon tea

    Enjoy this wonderful inclusion of fresh ginger and lemon.

    • 5' Prep work
  • Apple roses tarts

    Delicate little apple tarts that will dazzle everyone’s eyes and taste buds.

    • 15' Prep work
    • 20' Cooking
  • Asparagus tart

    Easy vegetarian recipe, this asparagus tart is perfect for breakfast, brunch or lunch.

    • 50' Prep work
    • 15' Cooking
  • Homemade hollandaise sauce

    This foolproof Hollandaise sauce will never fail on you.

    • 3' Prep work
  • Iced coffee

    Nothing quite beats an iced coffee on a sunny hot day!

    • 10' Prep work

    Here's your guide to making the perfect beef burger

    • 15' Prep work
    • 25' Cooking
  • Focaccia

    This flat oven-baked Italian bread can be eaten as sandwich bread, side dish or antipasto.

    • 15' Prep work
    • 20' Cooking
  • Yellow pepper pesto

    This unique pesto bursts with flavour and will wake up your taste buds.

    • 15' Prep work
    • 40' Cooking
  • Homemade red curry paste

    Forget store-bought curry, you can make this fragrant red curry paste at home.

    • 20' Prep work
  • Cranberry sauce with baked Camembert

    This gooey cheese dish serves as the perfect appetizer or a phenomenal starter.

    • 20' Prep work
    • 15' Cooking

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