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25 recipes

Kids and family

  • Chocolate muffins

    These chocolate muffins with whipped cream are the perfect snack for your coffee break.

    • 20' Prep work
    • 20' Cooking
  • Burger Buns

    Forget the store-bought buns and make your own burger buns at home.

    • 15' Prep work
    • 20' Cooking
  • Mango Strawberry Peach Smoothie

    This sweet and delicious smoothie will be a winner at breakfast.

    • 10' Prep work
  • Cherry milkshake

    This cherry milkshake is a summer in a glass.

    • 10' Prep work
  • Apricot jam

    Easy homemade apricot jam that is full of flavour.

    • 10' Prep work
    • 15' Cooking
  • Mini Frittatas With Spinach

    Packed with vegetable lunch frittatas that your kid will love.

    • 10' Prep work
    • 20' Cooking

"Home sweet home"

  • Meatloaf

    Nothing says comfort like this classic meatloaf!

    • 15' Prep work
    • 70' Cooking
  • Green pesto

    Green pesto is delicious with pasta, potatoes, on grilled vegetables or just spread on a toasted bread.

    • 10' Prep work
  • Overnight porridge with blueberry sauce

    This porridge soaked overnight makes for a wholesome scrumptious breakfast.

    • 10' Prep work
  • Blueberry and blackberry smoothie

    Flavourful and filling smoothie that will give you a great way to start the day.

    • 10' Prep work
  • Baby food

    Quick and easy baby food you can make yourself.

    • 10' Prep work
    • 10' Cooking
  • Christmas gingerbread cookies

    Make this popular Christmas cookies yourself with our full proof recipe.

    • 10' Prep work
    • 15' Cooking
  • Orange popsicles

    So simple yet so refreshing, these popsicles will be a hit in the summer.

    • 10' Prep work
  • Pizza muffins

    Scrummy jummy muffins your kids will love.

    • 10' Prep work
    • 15' Cooking
  • Strawberry ice cream

    Rich and creamy strawberry ice cream that everyone will love.

    • 20' Prep work
  • Red fruit crumble with vanilla ice cream

    Luscious berries topped with buttery crumble and served with homemade vanilla ice cream.

    • 30' Prep work
    • 25' Cooking
  • English scones

    English classic, the scones, can be enjoyed with breakfast or high tea.

    • 15' Prep work
    • 12' Cooking
  • Plum jam

    Homemade plum jam that captures the taste of autumn fruits in a jar.

    • 5' Prep work
    • 5' Cooking
  • Cherry jam

    Tastes great on a scone or muffin but this cherry jam is so tasty, you just want to eat it from the jar.

    • 15' Prep work
  • American pancakes with blueberries

    Thick and spongy American pancakes are best enjoyed with maples syrup.

    • 10' Prep work
    • 25' Cooking
  • Hot cocoa

    This comforting, rich, hot cocoa drink will be a Christmas favourite.

    • 5' Prep work
  • Chicken stew

    Hearty one-pot dish, this chicken stew is an easy comforting midweek meal.

    • 15' Prep work
    • 90' Cooking
  • Christmas candy cane cake

    A stunning centrepiece for your Christmas table, this candy cane cake will surely impress your guests!

    • 30' Prep work
    • 45' Cooking
  • Epiphany cake

    Make this buttery puff pastry cake with almond paste filling to celebrate the festival of Epiphany!

    • 30' Prep work
    • 30' Cooking
  • French Christmas log

    Make a showstopping buche for your Christmas table.

    • 60' Prep work
    • 7' Cooking

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