From the 1st to the 30th of September 2017

FREE Set of KitchenAid muffin forms and a Marlette Chocolate Chip Muffin mix

at the purchase of a Stand Mixer.

* Promotion valid only for on-line orders on While stocks last.

Select one of the products below to benefit from the action.

4.3 L CLASSIC Stand Mixer 5K45SS

£ 299.00

4.8 L HEAVY DUTY Stand Mixer 5KPM5

£ 549.00


4.8 L ARTISAN Stand Mixer 5KSM125

£ 399.00 £ 299.25

4.8 L ARTISAN Stand Mixer 5KSM175PS

£ 499.00

3,3 L Stand Mixer 5KSM3311X

£ 349.00

6.9 L ARTISAN Stand Mixer 5KSM7580X

£ 699.00

6.9 L HEAVY DUTY Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer 5KSM7591X

£ 749.00

6.9 L PROFESSIONAL Stand Mixer 5KSM7990X

£ 899.00

The sweet taste of home made baking

Longtime traditional recipes, eggs meeting soft butter, a fragrant smell spreading around the house. Is there a better way to spend a cozy afternoon around the kitchen than baking delicious muffins? Not really! Especially when you are baking with the best allies. Like Marlette, a small and genuine company that offers a variety of delicious sweet and savory baking mixes, easy to be used at home. Created by two sisters, Margot and Scarlette, in their native island, Île de Ré, Marlette's key secret is to have an assorted line of gourmet mixes produced locally and by hand.

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