From the 1st to the 30th of September 2017

FREE Kusmi tea assortment of the value of £20.40

at the purchase of a KitchenAid Kettle.

* Promotion valid only for on-line orders on One free Kusmi tea assortment MOME525R at the purchase of a kettle. While stocks last.

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1.25 L Water Kettle 5KEK1222

£ 89.00

ARTISAN 1.5 L Glass Tea Kettle 5KEK1322SS

£ 139.00

ARTISAN 1,5L Kettle 5KEK1522

£ 149.00

1,7 L Kettle 5KEK1722

£ 119.00


An assortment of 5 mini tins of our classic blends, perfect for any time of day. Earl Grey and Russian Morning N°24, blends of full bodied black teas, are perfect for breakfast. Spicy Kashmir Tchai pairs perfectly with lunch. Jasmine green tea green tea will delight those who love floral notes at tea time. The decaffeinated version of our Earl Grey keeps its personality without the stimulating effects of caffeine, for your evening enjoyment.

The pleasure of a history rich tea

It can be the gentle wake up in the morning or the steamy cuddle before going to sleep. From sunrise to sunset, a cup of tea is always a brilliant idea! Make sure you make it right, with the best performing KitchenAid Kettle and with high quality tea, rich of a long time tradition. Such as the blends from Kusmi Tea: its origins date back at 1867, year in which the founder P. M. Kousmichoff opened a small teahouse in St Petersburg, Russia. From then, many things have happened and changed, making Kusmi a teahouse with a rich history, able to strike a perfect balance between traditional and contemporary, selling its exclusive blends in every corner of the world.

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