Kettle and toaster sets to match

It's worth getting out of bed for a perfectly matching kettle and toaster. Looking glorious in the sun on your countertop, our shiny KitchenAid sets are a good way to start your day.

It's time to breakfast in style

You can select a look that suits your taste and interiors vibe, with sleek lines, sweeping curves, bold colours and little touches like the iconic KitchenAid trimband. There are toasters for big families, toasters with a sandwich rack, variable temperature kettles and fast-boiling kettles to save you time.

Colour your kettle and toaster set

You can choose a classic colour like Almond Cream, or why not shake things up with a bold Empire Red, Candy Apple or Onyx Black? Sleek and shiny, the toaster and kettle sets will give your kitchen a lift.

Gorgeous toasters for your breakfast set

You may want a nice, compact toaster or have room for an impressive 4-slice toaster. Whichever you choose, you can enjoy extra wide and long slots which can easily accommodate your favourite buns and breads like sourdough or olive bread.

KitchenAid toasters have all sorts of helpful, innovative features like keep warm mode which automatically keeps the slices warm when they’re ready - and a high-lift lever to help you reach those small pieces and tasty crumpets.


All set for a good day

It's not easy keeping everyone in the house happy in the morning! You all have your own busy schedules. That's why we've designed our kettles and toasters to fit your life.
Clever touches like bagel mode or keep-warm function on some of our toasters, along with smart sensors and dual-wall insulation on some of our kettles, mean everyone can please themselves. No burnt bagels or munching on cold toast.

Kettles that look after your water

Are you particular about how your water tastes? The Kettle 1.5L - Design Collection has a 100% stainless steel interior to maintain water quality and taste. It's fast-boiling so you won't have to wait long for that much-needed cup of tea, and has dual-wall construction to keep water hot inside.

Toasties, bagels and buns

Feed your craving with a KitchenAid toaster. Bagel mode reduces the heat on one side so that your bagels and buns are perfectly toasted. We also have toasters with a neat sandwich rack, like our toaster 2 slice - Artisan or toaster 4 slice - Artisan. Go ahead and make a delicious toastie.

Red toaster 4 slice - Artisan

Variable temperature kettles

When it comes to hot drinks, a precise temperature achieves the optimum brew. Tea lovers and coffee aficionados go for a variable temperature kettle so they can be exact. White and green teas require the lowest temperatures of 76-85°C, while black and herbal teas need a hotter range of 97°-100°C.

You can choose our Variable temperature kettle 1.7L or Variable temperature kettle 1.5L - Artisan along with your toaster to gradually heat water to the exact temperature you need.

Liven up breakfast with a kettle and toaster set

Bored of the same old breakfast routine? Let the style and features of our KitchenAid kettle and toaster sets inspire you. Here a some fresh ideas to try out:

  • Avocado and black beans on toast to give you energy
  • Blueberry bagels for a tasty bite with a vitamin hit
  • Jasmine pearls tea to revive you with a floral aroma
  • Ginger tea to wake up your mouth and digestive system

Passionate about breakfast

Start the day in style.


The wonderful smell of freshly-toasted bread fills the house. Enjoy a crunchy and satisfying bite with a gorgeous toaster from KitchenAid.


Need a lovely cup of tea or coffee to go with that toast?
Look no further than our sleek and efficient kettles.

Breakfast sets

Look forward to getting up each morning to make breakfast with your new kettle and toaster. Our sets combine gorgeous aesthetics with lots of useful features.
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