Food chopper: your essential tool

A food chopper is incredibly handy in the kitchen. Ideal for keeping on the countertop to help with those fiddly, everyday tasks, these versatile tools are always ready to chop onions (avoiding teary eyes) and much more. You can chop and mix veggies, nuts, herbs, make sauces, dips, purées, dressings - whatever you dream of making next.

A big help with a small footprint

The mini chopper or the slightly larger chopper 1.19 L are designed to be multipurpose. Call on them for a range of recipes and tasks - from whipping a chocolate dessert to chopping tomatoes, making breadcrumbs or mixing up a guacamole. Not only that, they're convenient to use and put away, with pour spouts, comfy handles and wrap-around cords. You'll feel productive and ready for anything.

Mini chopper is a big help

It may be small, but the mini chopper saves you time and effort. If you're determined to eat more healthily, be more creative with your home cooking or cut down on prep, you'll enjoy using it! See what you can do with this little beauty...

Simple one-touch control

With the one-touch pulse, you can get the consistency you need. Whizz up tartare and rouilles. Or, try a zingy salsa or spicy hummus.

Drizzle liquid ingredients

Add your oil or other liquids into the drizzle basin. They'll gradually trickle in while you process.

Compact and tidy

It's the perfect size to keep out, as it doesn't take up much space. If you want to put it in the cupboard, it has a cord that wraps into the base. Very neat.

Generous 1.19L food chopper

Size up to a slightly bigger food chopper if you're preparing food for more than 2 people. With 40% more capacity than the mini food chopper, it's spacious and sturdy.

Chop, purée, whisk, stir

You can chop, mix and purée fruits, veggies, nuts, herbs, mince garlic, grind raw meat or make breadcrumbs. Then, you can swap out the blade to whisk, whip and stir, eggs, batters and make whipped cream in 30 seconds.

Ideal for sauces and dressings

Create tasty dressings and sauces with a drizzle basin which trickles in liquid ingredients. The pour spout and handle on the work bowl make serving easy.

Easy cleaning away

The bowl and multipurpose blade are dishwasher-safe and if you like to keep things tidy, you'll love the fact that everything fits inside the bowl.

Velvety baby food in a food chopper

Looking for the best way to make baby food at home? You can make nutritious and delicious smooth purées for little ones in your KitchenAid food chopper. Switch the lever to PUREE and off you go. Create tasty blends from cooked fruits and veggies.

Just make sure you cut them into lumps of roughly 1 inch (about 2.5cm)  and it will take seconds to get the results you're looking for. You control the consistency by adding a bit of liquid - whether it's water, baby milk, stock or even herbal tea like camomile.Feed your baby and enjoy the smiles along the way.

Tip: Purée like a starred restaurant

Why should only babies enjoy purée? Make a beautiful and delicate blend, like an asparagus purée, cauliflower purée or carrot and cumin as a side dish or garnish.

A KitchenAid food chopper has a powerful motor and sharp stainless steel blade to achieve a creamy texture. Your purées will be nutritious, lift the meal and look professional too.

Dip into a new taste

Make nutritious and fresh sauces from scratch at home with your KitchenAid food chopper. You can marinate, dip, bake, drizzle or just lick! Be warned: once you start, you won't be able to stop experimenting.

  • Greek tzatziki
  • Basic pesto
  • Chimichurri
  • Barbecue sauce
  • Hollandaise
  • Spice applesauce
  • Silky chocolate


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