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Explore the possibilities of the Blender K400 Artisan

Tackle the toughest ingredients to achieve smooth results and the perfect taste. You can confidently create velvety textures and balanced, delicious flavours with ingredients like fibrous kale and crunchy almonds.

What the blender brings you

Designed to support your kitchen adventures, the Blender K400 Artisan is for makers around the world. You can easily power though tough ingredients to make your best ever creations.

Create the tastes you love

When you’re striving for the ultimate taste, you need to make the most of every ingredient. Whatever your favourites, rely on the blender to balance all those natural flavours and achieve satisfyingly smooth results. 


Get inspired to experiment

You can try out surprising combinations, confident that they will be fully blended. Chia seeds, kale, ginger root, watermelon seeds or coconut — be inspired by trends from around the world and treat your body to fresh ingredients.


Ingenious 3-part blending system

How does it create such super smooth blends? Three aspects work in harmony to create a powerful vortex which quickly breaks down tough ingredients.

The Intelli-Speed motor

The adaptive motor in the blender means that it senses the ingredients and is able to maintain optimal speed at each setting.

Unique asymmetric blade

As the stainless steel blade is sharpened and shaped at 4 distinct angles, it pulls the ingredients into the centre of power.

Jar with internal ribs

The jar is shaped with internal ribs to fold the ingredients back in towards the blade. This increases the power of the vortex.

What you can make in a blender?

Enjoy getting creative with your blender. You’ll soon grow in confidence and want to try new things.
Here are lots of tasty ideas for inspiration. Go for it!


It takes seconds to whizz up a fresh sauce like tomato or hollandaise.


There’s nothing quite like the fresh and zingy smell of blender pesto.

Nut butters

Crushed nut spreads are popularly made with almonds, peanuts or cashews.


Stick to a classic or try something unusual with the smoothie program.


Make restaurant-quality salsa by throwing in tomatoes, lime juice, spices, garlic.


You’ll never make fluffier pancakes than those with batter made in a blender.


Make American-diner-style thick shakes or light shakes for a refreshing drink.

Cold soup

Enjoyed hot or cold, you can pack nutritious ingredients into homemade soup.


Make smooth baby foods, and garnish your own meals with a delicious purée.

Nut milk

Plant-based milks and non-dairy drinks can be made in the blender.

Homemade flours

When you make flour at home it's bursting with flavour. Try it out.

Icy drinks

Make chilled treats and mocktails with the ice crush or icy drinks program.

Get inspired by our blender recipes


Avocado mayo makes a great and more nutritious alternative to mayonnaise.


A nourishing and vibrant green spirulina, kiwi and kale smoothie topped with granola.


Beautiful nutrient-rich chia parfait that can be eaten as breakfast or a pre-workout meal.


Inspire others with your new habits and creations #ReshapeYourHabits

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