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Feel refreshed this year with a blender K400

Healthy foods and drinks taste great with the Blender K400. You can tackle nature's thoughest ingredients to achieve the perfect taste. Create balanced flavours with anything from fibrous kale to crunchy almonds.

How the blender supports your lifestyle

Designed to help you get the best from nature, the Blender K400 is for makers around the world. You can easily power through though ingredients to make fresh and satisfying creations.

Healthy blends that taste great

When you want a great taste, you need to make the most of every ingredient. Rely on the blender to balance all those natural flavours and create smooth and even results.


Treat your body to new combinations

Fresh ingredients can create surprising tastes when they are completely blended. Chia seeds, kale, ginger or coconut. Be inspired by trends around the world and try out exciting new combinations.


No limits to what you can blend

You can blend nuts, pulses, frozen ingredients and dense leafy greens in a powerful vortex. How is this vortex created? A unique asymmetric blade blends at four angles, the ribbed jar folds ingredients into the blade and the adaptive motor senses the contents to maintain optimal speed.


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