2 slice toasters to warm up your morning

Wake up to sleek design and helpful extras which make life a little bit easier when you get out of bed. Coming in a range of aesthetic styles and shapes, the 2 slice toasters from KitchenAid combine good looks with precise and efficient performance.

Toaster for all day long

You can defrost, keep warm, heat bagels and accomodate different sizes of chunky artisan bread. In fact, why limit it to breakfast? Take yourself from morning until night with egg and spinach on toast, apple and cinnamon bagel, meatball panini or hot cross buns. Perfect.

Black toaster with bagels

What's the best 2 slice toaster?

Handy features you'll love

Practical as well as beautiful, the toaster has innovative features. The sandwich rack holds toasties together. Bagel function reduces power on one side, and keep-warm feature lowers your toast to keep it warm if you don't take it out.

Match your style vibe

The gorgeous 2 slice toaster - Artisan from KitchenAid serves up gorgeous curves and trendy colours. Choose a classic like Almond Cream or sumptuous Pebbled Palm as a bold style statement. Why not have a toaster to admire every day?

Be in control with a manual 2 slot toaster

If you like to monitor your toast, look no further than the 2 slice toaster. It allows you to check the slices at any time, by lifting up the bread with the lever without interrupting the toasting cycle. If you can’t resist a peek, this is the toaster for you.

The extra-wide 3.8cm slot can accommodate homemade breads and pastries, and there's a bagel function all ready for snack time.

Black toaster 2 slice with bread

Space-saving 2 slice toasters

The classic 2 slice toaster

Small but beautiful, the classic version of the 2 slice toaster - classic still ticks the boxes. It offers 5 shade options and wide enough slots to accommodate pastries and buns. There's a bagel button if they're your favourite and it comes in either White or Onyx Black.

Nice and neat 2 slice toaster

If you don't need a big toaster, you'll love this compact design. The 2 slice toaster packs in lots of benefits, with stylish colours, spacious toasting slots and 7 settings for even the fussiest eaters. Keep-warm function keeps your delicious toast warm for up to 3 minutes. So take your time.

Go a long way with a long slot toaster

If you want a flexible toaster to make anything from muffins to long slices of crusty homemade loaf, take a look at the 2 slice toaster (long slot). Slimline and sleek, it allows you to comfortably put 2 standard slices next to one another or accommodate a long panini roll. The slot is extra wide and has a high-lift button so you can reach hard-to-reach pieces like crumpets. Toast something 'a little longer' at the touch of a button and quickly reheat your toasted slices if you forget.

Red toaster 2 slice with salty bagels

Passionate about breakfast

Start the day in style.


The wonderful smell of freshly-toasted bread fills the house. Enjoy a crunchy and satisfying bite with a gorgeous toaster from KitchenAid.


Need a lovely cup of tea or coffee to go with that toast? Look no further than our sleek and efficient kettles.

Breakfast sets

Look forward to getting up each morning to make breakfast with your new kettle and toaster. Our sets combine gorgeous aesthetics with lots of useful features.

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