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Food processor makes it easy

If you're always in a rush, you need a helping hand.
Food processors will cut your prep time dramatically and even help you make complete dishes from start to finish. A pleasure to use, you'll switch on the food processor more and more as you get to know it and enjoy experimenting.

Food processors


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Have a think about your needs
and lifestyle

Will you use it every day? What do you normally cook? Is it for whizzing up onions and garlic or much more?

Chop, mix and purée

You can chop, mix and purée with a model like the 1.19 L food chopper. Ideal for saving time.

Get more creative

Release your inner chef with an advanced model like the 2.1 L food processor which also slices and kneads.

Quick dicing and fries

You can even dice and make fast french fries with the Artisan 4 L food processor.

What can you do with
a food processor?

When you think of a food processor, you think of chopping raw veggies in seconds. You can certainly do that with ease. Chop and shred anything from carrots to cabbage in no time. However, depending on which food processor you choose, there's plenty more you can do. Think big and try new things with our more versatile models:

Knead dough

Mince meat

Slice potato

Mash garlic

Create salsa

Make a purée

Grate hard cheese

Press lemon

Whisk egg

Dice courgette

Shave chocolate

Handy to use, clean, store

The best kitchen appliances have been designed with you in mind. They're easy to wash, put together and store away. At KitchenAid, we think of little extras which can make a product your favourite. Things like a carry case to put the parts in, a neat cord wrap inside the base, and bowls that fit perfectly inside one another.

Explore our food processors to find your perfect match.

What's the best food processor?

As a passionate maker, you want the best food processor you can get your hands on. While the smaller models save time with simple tasks, the more versatile food processors open up endless possibilities.

With the 1.7 L food processor or the 2.1 L food processor, you can chop, puree, knead, mix, shred and slice in various thicknesses. There are easy-press buttons to select speeds of high, low or pulse. Cut herbs, slice tomatoes, mix a pasta sauce, make bread dough, shave chocolate or make baby food. The more you experiment with advanced models, the more you'll love them.

Creating salsa sauce in black food processor

Give it the chop

A sharp stainless steel blade in a food processor is your shortcut to evenly chopped ingredients. Achieve the results you want, from coarse to fine, with pulse operation and varying speeds.

Our large and versatile food processor, the 3.1 L food processor, gives you precise control, with an Exactslice System to adjust the thickness of the slices. You can use the external lever to go from thin to thick, depending on what you’re making. It’s great fun - give it a try.

Grey food processor buttons

Can you make dough in a food processor?

Yes, good news! A KitchenAid food processor can help you to make dough in minutes. Whether you're baking bread or make homemade pasta or homemade pizza dough, it's easy with your food pro.

Choose a food processor like the 1.7 L food processor, 2.1 L food processor, 3.1 L food processor or the Artisan 4 L, which come with a plastic dough blade made specially for the job.

Dough in a glass dish

Healthy shredded salads

A healthy meal that's easy to eat and fun to prepare? The shredded salad. Crunchy, tasty and a whizz to make with a food processor, shredded salads can be as bright as a rainbow.

Pack raw food into your diet with red cabbage, carrot, fennel, spinach, cucumber, beetroot, peppers. Use your shredding or grating blade to make the veggies light and easy to eat. Mix up a fresh sauce and perhaps sprinkle on some seeds or nuts. Perfect.

Shredding vegetables in black food processor

Love to shred?

Shop the 2.1 L food processor with its reversible 2 mm fine and 4 mm medium slicing/shredding discs - as well as other blades and accessories.

Ratatouille in a red dish

Can you make baby food in a food processor?

Making smooth and nutritious homemade baby food is a speedy job with a food processor.

All the KitchenAid food processors - even a mini food chopper - will give you the power to make smooth purées from your favourite ingredients.

Just cook and chop the ingredients into big chunks, and then blend with a little liquid for baby food - or as a base for a soup or sauce.

Baby food butternut purée in pot
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