6 automatic cooking modes

The Artisan Cook Processor features 6 automatic cooking modes, each with specialty sub-modes, designed for a variety of cooking tasks.


Boil lets you create delicious soups and bisques. This mode is also ideal for making jams and jellies, stock, and other foods that require several minutes of boiling.


Fry method is designed for delicious stir-fries, oriental style dishes, and light scrambled eggs or bacon.


Stew method features a wide range of preprogrammed methods for creating everything from sauces to risotto. Whether it's Irish stew, Béarnaise sauce, or Ratatouille, stew mode presets allow you to prepare these dishes perfectly, quickly and easily.


Steam method uses upper, lower, and inner steamer baskets for steaming vegetables, fish, mussels, and more, an ideal option for delicate foods and cooking with indirect heat.


Puree combines the cooking and chopping abilities of the KitchenAid Cook Processor, allowing you to whip up hummus or shrimp croquettes in a snap.


Knead and proof your dough easily and with minimum effort. Whether you are preparing homemade pizza or bread, dough method simplifies the process.