Memorable Recipes

Traditional or creative gourmet recipes. Refined and intriguing combinations to bring delicious masterpieces to the table signed by KitchenAid.

  • Spicy quinoa with aromatic herbs, vegetables and smoked tofu

    Cynthia Barcomi

    Everyone is talking about quinoa (pronounced keenwah) and I love it!  Known as the “gold of the Incas” quinoa has tons of protein, iron, fiber, lysine as well of lots of vitamin B2. Quinoa is light and...

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  • Quinoa & avocado vegetarian hamburgers

    Csaba Dalla Zorza

    This hamburger is made with vegetables and quinoa. Natural fare that will also suit vegans. Preparing the mixture with a Food Processor gives you the perfect consistency for cooking. Fresh and filled...

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  • Pâte brisée

    Edd Kimber

    Pâte Brisée is another name for Shortcrust Pastry and is a short pastry that works well with both sweet and savoury fillings and once you have learnt how to make it, is a cornerstone of baking.

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  • Spinach, bacon and pea quiche

    Edd Kimber

    To me, Quiche is one of those classic springtime dishes, especially when filled with lots of vegetables and this recipe uses plenty of spinach and peas the give a fresh flavour, perfectly complemented...

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  • Buttermilk scones and fresh strawberry

    Edd Kimber

    An American style scone made with buttermilk and strawberries, they are easy to make and a great weekend treat. Soft and tender, packed full of strawberries, these scones are great on there own or served...

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