Exceptional Coffee Made Simple With KitchenAid

What makes a great cup of coffee?

Making a great cup of coffee is an art that lies in the exact combination of few, irreplacable elements: quality beans, water and and a careful process of making. Coffee beans is where everything starts; water, at the right temperature, to gently awake the flavour; an accurate and patient method of making, to bring out from any bean a fragrant coffee story.

¿Cómo le gusta el café?

Cada uno tiene su preferencia en el café: largo, corto, intenso, frío o muy caliente: cualquiera sea su gusto, satisfágalo de la mejor manera posible.

Largo, muy caliente o con un aroma equilibrado.

El único compañero admitido en sus momentos privados, mientras lee una revista, un libro o cuando simplemente quiere divagar entre sus pensamientos.

Hot, short and intense: espresso, in a word

When you are in need of of a tasty energy kick able to turn your day the right way around.

Warm, light bodied and with a complex flavor

An embracing cuddle, to smell and to taste while chatting with an old friend or while taking a reassuring pause from an hectic day.

Coffee made easy

Discover the complete range of KitchenAid coffee machines to enjoy a cup of coffee the way you most like it.

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