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Ravioli with goat's milk ricotta and fresh herbs

Goat's milk ricotta is an excellent filling for egg pasta: its creamy consistency and slightly tart flavour contrast brightly with fresh herbs and yield a wonderful texture that melts in your mouth with every bite.

Publishing date: 24-10-2014

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Gluten-free Ricotta Lemon Waffles

On Sunday, we need something really special: Breakfast in bed! These gluten-free waffles are light and airy with a hint of ricotta and lemon. You feel amazing after eating them and your family simply love using the grain mill and waffle maker. A good time to be had by all.

Publishing date: 30-06-2014

All-Chocolate Birthday Cake

A cake that is delicious and easy to make, appropriate for all skill levels. It is important to make the cake at least one day before the celebration, keep it refrigerated and, above all, allow it to reach room temperature at least 4 hours before serving. It will then be traditionally moist.

Publishing date: 30-06-2014

Banana Raspberry Bread

Soft and flavourful, this bread is all the more attractive when you prepare it in individual moulds which you can gift wrap and tie with a ribbon. They are perfect for surprising mum with breakfast in bed or treating her to some afternoon pampering along with a good cup of tea.

Publishing date: 30-06-2014

Vianne's Cake from CHOCOLAT directed by Lasse Hallström

A cake to say "You are my happiness. Simple as a glass of chocolate or tortuous as the heart. Bitter. Sweet. Alive.” 

Publishing date: 10-02-2014

“Snowy Forest” Log

A delicious, eye catching treat. From classic cake recipe to creative and a beautiful crafted handmade meringue and ganache, Cécile Coulier’s inventions provide precious  inspiration for passionate gourmets.

Publishing date: 09-12-2013

Yule log

This rich and creamy Yule log is not for the faint-hearted - it's a decadent Christmas treat, but it's as easy as making a Swiss roll.

Publishing date: 09-12-2013


This dessert was originally created to be served on New Year’s Eve and celebrate the end of the year. KitchenAid  chose the image of ivy, normally used to decorate the dining table during the Christmas holidays and KitchenAid decided to make it red to be more in keeping with the colours of the festive season. In addition to the vegetable gelatine derived from algae, which makes a very thin, delicate gelatin and which is becoming increasingly common, KitchenAid used a technique of cooking the crispy wafer at a low temperature in the dehydrator. KitchenAid made a fruit or vegetable base with the addition of glucose and icing sugar, rolled out to a thickness  of 1 millimeter which I slowly cooked/dried at a low temperature (from between 35° to 120° C). This makes it possible to have a very fine caramel that is pleasing to the palate as it has the concentrated flavour of the fruit or vegetable used and it has a wonderful bright colour (which in this case comes from raspberry).

Publishing date: 09-12-2013

Hazelnut Biscuits with white Chocolate

Dainty hazelnut biscuits are given the gold star treatment, sandwiched with white chocolate ganache and topped with gold almonds.

Publishing date: 09-12-2013

Bourbon Vanilla Kipferl Biscuits

This easy baked cake recipe has an added kick from Bourbon vanilla: a super delicious Christmas treat.

Publishing date: 09-12-2013


This rich, treacly gingerbread is addictively good. Try making it as an alternative to traditional Christmas biscuits.

Publishing date: 09-12-2013

Almond Stollen (Fruit Loaf)

A Christmas fruit cake from Germany: its texture and flavour are surprising. Its texture comes from mixing the fruit, nuts, spices, and flour, with a boiled syrup made from sugar and rum. This sugar/honey syrup, along with the addition of ingredients, gives this Christmas cake an almost candy-like texture and flavour which is hard to resist, even for those who normally dislike fruit cake.

Publishing date: 09-12-2013

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