The Serious About Food Council

Serious About Food is the epitome of the KitchenAid way of living. Food is energy for our body, but we believe it is much more. To be serious about food is about discovering the world with all the senses, motivated by the passion for delicious food. It is about the enjoyment of sharing and the way we express our own style. It is the challenge of innovation, and the excitement of exploring new flavours and new possibilities.

KitchenAid created the Serious About Food Council, a topmost body of experts, pioneers, and innovators. It is a guarantee and an avant-garde, extraordinary resource to explore the world of gourmet cuisine.
The Serious About Food Council members provide an exclusive take on the most innovative trends, gathering hidden gems and inspirations from all over the world, to let your culinary imagination run free and to unleash all of those inspirations. The online magazine provides invaluable tips on preparing delicious dishes and discovering original ingredients. Here you can find stories about food and design trends that can both inspire you and help you to inspire others.
If you are Serious About Food, KitchenAid and the Serious About Food Council are your best trusted allies.

Members of the Council

One chef, one designer, and one foodie. Three different personalities to get the best insight and suggestions from the professional world that enable passionate gourmets to express their creativity.

  • Henrik Jyrk


    Awards-winning chef based in Copenhagen. His mission is to make gourmet food available to as many food lovers as possible. He creates new flavours starting from fresh, hand-selected organic ingredients.

    Now it is time to get serious about food quality, broaden people's horizons and understand what makes the difference in enjoying good food. The message is: if you do it, give your 110%
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  • Tuomas Markunpoika


    Finnish designer who lives and works in Amsterdam. His main goal is to introduce humanistic values into design, elevating the functionality of everyday objects to reflect how we are as human beings.

    People desire to feel experienced and to dream using the whole spectrum of our sensory system and emotional spectrum. Emotions are our greatest chance of originality.
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  • Gabriele Zanatta


    Born in Milan, after graduating in philosophy he specializes in journalism and food. Since 2004 he is editor in chief for international high-level cuisine congress “Identità Golose”. He is a contributor for several Italian and international publications, and he teaches Contemporary Gastronomical Trends for several educational institutes.

    After centuries of exile among the least useful and noble branches of knowledge, food should be valued for what it really is: a very serious topic.
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UK ambassadors

To coincide with the launch of KitchenAid’s first Experience store in the world, the Serious About Food Council are delighted to introduce three new UK ambassadors; the first winner of Great British Bake Off, food writer The Boy Who Bakes, Edd Kimber; the first female British Chef to hold and retain three Michelin stars Clare Smyth; and blogger and interiors specialist Grant Pierrus of Interior Style Hunter.

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