Traditional or creative gourmet recipes. Refined and intriguing combinations to bring delicious masterpieces to the table signed by KitchenAid.

  • Everyone likes: steamed cod with wok potatoes

    Cod is a delicate fish and very easy to prepare. Fillets cooked in the oven are ready in a matter of minutes and are even better steamed . This is why the Kit

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  • Asparagus and peas quiche

    Signed by: Csaba Dalla Zorza

    Asparagus and fresh peas are a perfect combination. You can use them as a side dish simply steamed or sautéed in a wok with fresh herbs, or tossed in fresh tagliatell

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  • Tasty meatballs!

    Meatballs are back in fashion - delicious, customizable, and even more scrumptious if made with lean meat mixed with a selection of spices and herbs which can become your secret famil

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  • Homemade béchamel sauce

    This classic white sauce should be part of any cook’s repertoire. Enhance the sauce with your own choice of flavourings.

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