Rotor vegetable slicer and shredder MVSA

Rotor vegetable slicer and shredder MVSA

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Give free expression to your veggie ideas!

Special features: versatile, very fast, precise. Enjoy yourself in the kitchen with the rotor vegetable slicer and shredder

Rotor vegetable slicer and shredder

The shredder kit includes two cylinders for speedily shredding and one cylinder for slicing raw vegetables, potatoes, onions, cheese, walnuts and slabs of chocolate

Watch this video and discover how to better use this Stand Mixer attachment. Unleash your creativity and find new inspirations

More great ideas

This attachment is perfect for grating cheese for pasta or pizza, cutting up vegetables for large salads and pies, shredding carrots or coconut for delicious desserts

Rotor vegetable slicer and shredder MVSA

For slicing and shredding root and raw green vegetables, potatoes, onions, cheese, various kinds of fruits, nuts and chocolate for toppings. Comes with: medium and coarse shredding drums and a slicing drum.View More...

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