Omnifood Accessory Kit (5FGA+MVSA+5FVSP) FPPC

Omnifood Accessory Kit (5FGA+MVSA+5FVSP) FPPC

- 859704001010

£ 199  Including VAT


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Food Grinder

You can slice, mince, or crumble, meat, vegetables, dry bread, fresh fruit and cheese

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Rotor vegetable slicer and shredder

The shredder kit includes two cylinders for speedily shredding and one cylinder for slicing raw vegetables, potatoes, onions, cheese, walnuts and slabs of chocolate

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Fruit and vegetable strainer

This attachment assists in blending ingredients, separating any eventual seeds, stems or rinds

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Omnifood Accessory Kit (5FGA+MVSA+5FVSP) FPPC

For all those who want to take their first steps toward cooking paradise, the OmniFood Accessory Kit is a good start and a lasting choice.View More...

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