Food Grinder 5FGA

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Get inspired with new food preparation

Show to your family and friends you love cooking for them something genuine and delicious. Like their favorite dish, freshly prepared in your home. From hamburgers to meatloaves with this attachment you will succeed in any of your cooking inspirations.

Food Grinder

Slice, mince or crumble. Meat but also vegetables, dry bread, fresh fruit and cheese.The food preparation you can make with this attachment is endless!


With the food grinder attachment


With the food grinder attachment

Get inspired with our recipes

Unleash your imagination in the kitchen! Discover new and inspiring recipes and surprise your guests with unexpected creations


Food Grinder 5FGA

Used for mincing and grinding meat, fish, vegetables, dried bread, nuts, firm-fleshed fruits as well as cheese. Meat should be extremely cold, even partially frozen, for best processing.View More...

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