Food Grinder 5FGA

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Use your KitchenAid Stand Mixer to slice and mince

And what comfort food! From hamburgers to meat loafs: with the food grinder prepare delicious and genuine meat dishes for your suppers with family or friends

Food Grinder

You can slice, mince, or crumble, meat, vegetables, dry bread, fresh fruit and cheese

Watch this video and discover how to better use this Stand Mixer attachment. Unleash your creativity and find new inspirations

More great ideas

This attachment is perfect for hamburgers, rissoles and meat loafs, breadcrumbs

Food Grinder 5FGA

Used for mincing and grinding meat, fish, vegetables, dried bread, nuts, firm-fleshed fruits as well as cheese. Meat should be extremely cold, even partially frozen, for best processing.View More...

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